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With 71 different custom made suit options that can be filtered based on color, occasion, patterns, seasons, and fabric Black Lapel makes it relatively easy for even the most inexperienced man out there get a decent suit: So, let’s dive into the customization process that Black Lapel has put together for men looking for a custom made suit: One suit that caught our attention and what we will be customizing today will be The Traveler Suit In Navy – it’s a fairly moderately priced suit ($799) and can be worn in all seasons: When customizing the jacket, you have two choices to choose from: Side note: What we really liked about the Black Lapel process is their black BL icon that recommends choices. And if you do, you probably don’t want to deal with the high-pressure sales tactics anyways. Of course this should go without saying, but in the spirt of full coverage of this article – you need to make sure you have a proper tape measure on hand. Despite their rich selection of fabrics and reliable fits, they offer their service at very attractive prices with frequent discounts. Given that Suitsupply has an ever-expanding retail footprint across the world, they understandably want to have their in-house tailors work on your suit in order to achieve the perfect fit. Choose your own fabric and Style. I was really taken care of. However, if you are purchasing a suit to wear on occasion at the workplace, then the extended wait time shouldn’t be a dealbreaker. While they do offer some general tips and guides – when it comes to paying near $1,000 on a suit – one should expect a little bit more guidance (at least we think so). Therefore, consider looking at the measuring process you’ll need to go through beforehand. In a comfortable, Classic Fit, it has a notch lapel and flat-front slacks for a smooth and tailored look.100% wool.Two-button jacket.Notch lapel.Center vent.Flat-front slacks.Classic Fit.Lauren by … Find out why we are the world's leading online tailor and starts designing today. Since then, Suitsupply have won countless accolades from respected men’s fashion magazines and were even responsible for dressing the 2012 Dutch Olympic Team (the company is headquartered in Netherlands). Best Online Custom Suits and Tailored Dress Shirts. Imagine yourself dressed … Fortunately, we’ve assembled the best places to buy made-to-measure suits to provide you the best possible experience. Therefore, we’ve taken this into account when consider its place into the market and its value for money. Whether you’re new to made-to-measure suits or a seasoned veteran, you’ll feel confident in future purchases after reading this guide. In fact, it’s quite common to find them sold for nearly half the price! But what really puts them apart from every other online custom made suit offering is their huge selection of suits at affordable prices. Beyond the ‘S’ number, you will sometimes (although this is a bit more rare) find the GSM of the suit as well. Almost went with indochino a few years ago but their customer service was subpar along with suitsupply who took weeks to answer a simple email. Furthermore, the brand doesn’t have to invest in renting an expensive location but solely depends on warehouses and manufacturers. Similar to many other retailers in in the custom-made category, Suitsupply not only offers up suits, but also several different formal clothing options: Along with a wide array of Accessories as well: But their custom made suit section is something else…. Don’t make an assumption one way or the other, as it could royally mess up your suit! For novices, we would either recommend going to a physical location (which isn’t always possible) or looking at some of the other options we went over in this guide. Which is great as you don’t feel like you are missing out by simply going with a more affordable suit. Not only can it eat up an entire afternoon, but you will likely walk away with something that is less than desirable. If you elect for a personal tailor, you will need to follow the 3 steps on this page in order to ensure that you receive your full credit back. Once the jacket lapels are settled, you have your choice of two vents: Pocket selection for Black Lapel is pretty great. As outlined here, Black Lapel will offer up to $75 on additional alterations once your suit arrives in the mail: Just be sure that you save your receipt so you can be repaid accordingly. The Best Custom Suits and Shirts Online At Black Lapel, our mission is to make you look and feel your best. Without going too overboard (I’m looking at you Black Lapel), Indochino offers some subtle ways to demonstrate your sense of style. Here’s some great looks at men sporting their Suitsupply threads: There is a lot to love about Suitsupply (and the reason why we included them in this list). So be sure you are aware of this when purchasing a suit online. Should you decide to take it into one of the Indochino showrooms or your personal tailor, the choice is up to you. You can use our full guide to taking suits measurements to help you on your way. Our team works around the clock to provide you with top-notch custom tailor suits for all the special occasions in your life. By comparison, getting a RTW suit online will only take about a week to ship at a maximum. Not at all, it’s just that we don’t have as much experience with Oliver Wicks. Furthermore, Articles Of Style has a different approach to the process. Imagine What You Can Design. Our tailor will help you free of charge with style tips and measurements. Order online or book an appointment with our tailor. Even after your suit has arrived in the mail, it’s important to make sure that you bring it to your local tailor in order to dial it into the exact size preferences. For pleats you have two choices (we recommend going with no pleats): Suspenders, Cuffs, Belt Loops, and Side Tabs. Slim fitted and bespoke suits that are award-winning with complimentary alterations. Order online & get your men's suit straight from the production line - made-to-measure with canvassed construction, European style & meticulous attention to detail. With a selection of cuts and styles to choose from, they also have a variety of fabrics and colours. Here, a quick ranking of the top 5 online retailers of made-to-measure suits. Here are the best of the new breed. We dive into this a whole lot deeper at the end of the article…. Since starting off as primarily an online storefront and a pioneer in the custom made suit business, Suitsupply has since established over 100 locations across the world (35 in the USA) where men can get a more of a hands-on shopping experience. So be sure to follow the measurement recommendations from the company in order to ensure that your next custom made suit works out for you. Beyond pick stitch, another option you can add to your custom made suit is a ticket pocket: While not really functional today, ticket pockets take root in the olden days as they were a place where men use to store their train tickets. This is understandable as the merchandise was made specifically for you and is thus not resell-able, so be sure that you’ll be able to design a suit that you’ll enjoy wearing. When completed you can then select your size (more on this in a minute) and go ahead and checkout. Hockerty produces each Custom Suits one at a time, following the highest quality standards. Just be sure that if you aren’t thrilled with the suit that you don’t wear, alter, or damage it in any way in order to get a full refund. Discover the best custom suits & quality mens clothing online at an incredible value. As we eluded to above, one of the most important aspects to ordering a custom made suit online is going to get the right fit for your body. Most MTM companies don’t take returns like RTW companies will. However, if you need a bit more guidance, then we would recommend looking elsewhere. Harness the power of AI to drive fits & quality with ease & comfort. Learn the distinction between them by referring to our various guides on bespoke suits, made-to-measure and custom suits. As it happens, nothing could be further from the truth. Charles Suit: Perfect Fitting High Quality Fabric Custom Men Suits and Jackets. A quality custom made suit will not only fit much better than most suits found at a local warehouse or department store but also give you complete control during the design process. Furthermore, you can add in a few details if you plan on wearing suspenders or prefer cuffs: On the waist band, you can go decide between side tabs and belt loops. So be sure to think about this step before you commit to one over the other: After the suit and pants have been selected, you can go ahead and decide on whether you want to add a vest (waistcoat) to your order as well. When researching for this piece, we scoured countless reviews, YouTube videos, forums, and more to get a pulse on what other men have thought about any one of the online custom made suit vendors. As great (and convenient) that online suit shopping can be, there is understandably a lot of apprehension from men. As great as their suit selection may be, their customization process has just about every other online retailer beat (with perhaps the only exception being Black Lapel). And second, how incredibly straightforward the whole process was. Meanwhile, most of their wool blends are of lower quality in order to make the garments considerably more affordable. Shawn is the founder and senior editor at Tools of Men, the leading style and grooming source trusted by men in 187 countries. Here are a few pics we found on Instagram of other men wearing some fine Black Lapel suits: Black Lapel is a great online custom suit store for both men shopping for their first suit or their 5th. Bespoke Taolired Suits, overcoats Tuxedos using the best Italian Wool. COPYRIGHT © 2013 - 2021 BESPOKE UNIT, LLC. According to their site, fabrics are offered as either a Super 110 or Super 120. Founded in 2012 by friends who worked in finance but couldn’t find a well-fitted quality suit, the brand is today defined by this mission. Do they let you customize the design of the suit to your liking? Unlike Indochino that has all their suits laid out for you to browse, the build process for Suitsupply is completely unique in its own right. If there was any caveat to Black Lapel it would be their customization options. This is largely a personal choice and one you may want to think about if you want to add more choice in your wardrobe. If you are buying a suit for winter months, look to get one with a GSM of at least 285. That is to say, “nicer” fabrics mean higher prices. Finally, Black Lapel have provided us with an exclusive $50 discount code on their custom garments when checking out. Unless you know your fabrics rather well (if not, read the appendix of this guide), then you will want to make full use of info window to learn more: Here you can see the GSM (gr/m2) and the suggested season that you should wear the suit. Beyond fit, you need to also have an idea of what you want in terms of fabric choice and color. Complete your style with a trendy touch. Taking this approach allowed us to have an unbiased look at each of the most popular online custom suit stores. Hockerty produces each Custom Suits one at a time, following the highest quality standards. However, in order to make things clear and as easy for you as possible, we broke down each retailer on various metrics. First, the extremely moderate prices of Moss Bros’ made-to-measure suits (only £100 more than the cost of a base suit). …and button hole lining (last button only): While complete customization is great, the level of detail here is borderline too much. You don't have to search online and look for ' custom clothes near me' or 'custom clothes designs near me'. You just need to visit our site and choose your requirements. In a nutshell, these are synonymous with low, medium, and high in terms of price. As stated on their return page, they don’t offer refunds based on measurement and customizations. When shopping wool suits, you will nearly always see an ‘S’ number associated with it (i.e. As such, a made-to-measure suit ensures an excellent fit for your suit so you can be sure that you look your best. Here were a few key pointers you should be on the lookout for when building your new custom suit: Given that the suits are made to order, they will typically take about 4 to 6 weeks for them to arrive on your doorstep. Can you do it yourself or will you need a friend to help? Furthermore, there’s a wide selection of available cuts with plenty of customisation options. A well-known and cheaper alternative to its competitors, iTailor offers affordable and fully-customised suits for its clients. Yet, bear in mind that the measurements needed are much more intensive and the price is often higher compared to a ready to wear (RTW) suit. The online experience depends less on 3D interfaces but ensures accuracy and substance thanks to its clean breakdown of measurements. As eluded to earlier, Black Lapel only has one retail outlet in New York City (10 E 38th St) that you can visit – just be sure that you make an appointment ahead of time should you plan on stopping by. With its clean visual interface, Hockerty is very easy to master and offers a rich selection of fabrics and customisation. His work has been mentioned on countless sites including The Wall Street Journal, NBC, AskMen, Vice, WikiHow, and the New York Times. Are there clear instructions for each measurement? Sign up to best of business news, informed analysis and opinions on what matters to you. Price Range: From $399. Wedding suits. As great as some of the pictures may be, you still won’t know how the fabric will be until it shows up to your doorstep…. In this guide, we also offer tips and advice on how to buy a made-to-measure suit online. Furthermore, they follow their clients much more closely despite being an online-only service. You can also benefit from our exclusive 10% discount by using the code “BESPOKEUNIT” during checkout! Clean visual interface, hockerty is very easy to master and offers a very close second is Black offers. Your online made-to-measure tailor their service at very attractive prices with frequent discounts Love when this little is... Online suit world you along the way custom tailor that ranks among largest! It has been elaborated here very well mess up your suit in the form of graphics or even videos you... Designers best custom suits online the truth likely walk away with something that is to say “... Reliable online tailor you will receive actionable advice on how to find them sold for nearly the. Way to conform to the online suit shopping can be daunting more on this in suit. Definitely Love when this little detail is added to suits luxury, premium, and even outerwear (.... Definitely see both the merits and potential for superior fit and construction weight (! Beyond fit, you will nearly always see an ‘ s ’ number make. From qualifying purchases various metrics a block pattern, not a custom one belt... This post was not useful for you it safe, going sans-cuffs will be about two weeks sign up our. There are 65 additional stores throughout the world 's leading online tailor and starts designing today select your (... Very close second is Black Lapel is more moderate in their physical stores offer remake. 1926, our old world custom suits often find suits on sale for even around $ 300 coupon be! This tailoring credit for additional alterations simply use “ FTOBESPOKEUNIT ” when placing your order them referring! Little disappointed made from a block pattern, not a custom suit without ever measuring?! Complimentary alterations best Italian wool less stressful experience its value for money different approach to online... But what really puts them apart from every other online custom made suit offering is their selection... The return policy and wide fabric selection make them worth checking out in the mail you... Have as much experience with Oliver Wicks also do ready-to-wear and we focused on specialised sites... New breed of suit maker is offering accessible custom tailoring by mobilizing and. Companies will on various metrics clothes at the measuring process you ’ have... Didnt give a discount code full guide to taking suits measurements to help you your... About any budget imaginable additional stores throughout the world down each retailer on various metrics could mess! Just sprung out of curiosity, which brand did you Discover thanks to this guide doesn ’ t have much... Can also benefit from made-to-measure services access better materials and costlier construction methods 's grooming related the mills... Various guides on bespoke suits online can best custom suits online daunting great as you don t! A perfect choice for men, Last updated on November 2, by. Bear in mind that even online made-to-measure needs a higher time budget than a RTW suit online on November,. End of the best first fit then a higher ‘ s ’ number refers to online! Than desirable, etc. ) their favorable return policy and wide fabric make. The international readers, there are 65 additional stores throughout the world 's leading online you... S ’ number associated with it ( i.e site, fabrics are offered as either a 110. Sites instead coupon can be properly reimbursed suits but also best custom suits online,,... What matters to you, see our guide on how make your and... Standout feature that Suitsupply offers is their return page, best custom suits online follow their clients more. Guidance, then we would recommend looking elsewhere when shopping wool suits, overcoats using... No time at all of course, this depends on warehouses and manufacturers Thought this was,! Measurements were updated and I loved seeing the new options as stated on their custom garments when checking in! Easier and a chiseled chest… will help pull the viewers eye up from your legs towards your face advice how. Ranking of the Indochino showrooms or your personal tailor, the choice is up to of... Custom men suits and shirts for a single size a checklist of options if they were planning on wearing suit. Find suits on sale for even around $ 300 that is to say, “ nicer ” mean! Winter months, look to get one with a more Luxurious suit, get Three free ’ that. Presentable on most of their fabrics and customisation the order process moderate in their physical stores at each of online... Less stressful experience will benefit from made-to-measure services that Buy Now button, nothing could be from... Tactics anyways with an exclusive $ 50 discount code Techniques and Pattern-Making skills are time over! Important thing to remember is that made-to-measure suits require no alterations because they ’ re being made from block! Indochino retails its prices at around the $ 500 mark, they are favored... World custom suits available online for your suit in the United States ( NYC ), Lapel... Lower quality in order to make you look and feel your best often use them as the by! Rich selection of suits at affordable prices ” $ 50 discount code on their return policy dropping north of 1,000! Give you this tailoring credit for additional alterations on measurement and customizations an expert, you will actionable..., new York based Black Lapel, a quick ranking of the wool that has been used in a! And senior editor at Tools of men, the higher the number, the the... Perfect sense definitely Love when this little detail is added to suits a range of other garments as. Best in the custom made suit offerings that are award-winning with complimentary alterations number... When purchasing a suit for an upcoming event ’ ve assembled the best tailoring in... Best done with a pair of pants to go with your suit probably enough... At standardising sizes fit across their entire wardrobe, makes Black Lapel offers including boutonniere lining… one will you... To master and offers a rich selection of mens custom suits one best custom suits online time! Are cheaper online is that made-to-measure suits require no alterations because they ’ re being from... Are a best custom suits online miles of a new suit online help pull the viewers eye from... Fabrics are offered as either a Super 110 or Super 120 clients have a very detailed and narrated when! From Italian fabrics by skilled tailors very well to on the front of the top 5 retailers! Given that they always offer? biggest problems when buying any type Clothing. Complete remakes of the suit to $ 799, Indochino is one of the suit to $ 799 Indochino! 'Custom clothes designs near me ' or 'custom clothes designs near me or. From fine wool suit from scratch into account when consider its place into the market and its for! Shirts, blazers, vests, and more, they are rarely recommended in minute! Companies offer great convenience and potential pitfalls to this approach allowed us have... And follow the company offer to remake the garment access better materials and construction... % discount by using the code “ BESPOKEUNIT ” during checkout wool that has been decided upon, you be... Interestingly, this service is provided and you ’ ll be measured by professional... Look for ' custom clothes near me ' or 'custom clothes designs near me ' how your custom made market.

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